[EVENT] : iAB Annual Leadership Summit 2019 Phoenix.

Date: January 12, 2019

Interactive advertising bureau’s annual leadership meeting is here. The annual conclave hosts industry leaders under one single roof in Phoenix Arizona. The focus of the summit is to bring together legacy publishers, technology platforms and brands so that they can ditch the tranditional model of advertising and explore new partnership opportunities.

The summit will focus on the below topics

  • The Importance of Context in the War on Privacy
  • Corporate Innovation
  • Unlocking Scale with TV
  • How Brands Drive Results with Blockchain
  • Selling to Disrupter Brands
  • Navigating User Growth
  • Data Quality, Transparency and Portability
  • A New Era of Affiliate Marketing
  • Programmatic for Brands
  • Strategies for Cross-Screen Premium Content
  • Alternative Revenue Models for Publishers
  • What Every Brand Needs to Know about GDPR and the California Privacy Act
  • Winning the War on Ad Fraud
  • Biases in Media
  • The Future of Owning Your Own Data
  • Disrupter Brand Storytelling
  • Apps versus Mobile Web


Below is the poster. So go ahead and Register here.

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