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The menace that is Sizmek and why there’s no stopping it!

Date: January 13, 2019

Every guy in the world who has ever used a computer for a brief time have had used Skype. This is the messenger that helps you connect with your family and colleagues. Skype in it’s early days was great, it had features no other messenger offered and was fast as well. But as new players flooded the market, skype slowed down. It lagged as compared to others and was slow. Inspite of that, every professional kept using it. Nowadays, you find skype id’s in people signature and also on business card.

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Inspite of Skype’s shortcoming, it still manages to ace the business world where it rules. How did we reach here? And why the hell I’m talking about Skype when the blog title clearly mentions ‘Sizmek’? Well, the answer is simple and in on word. It’s “IGNORANCE”

Yes! If you ignore something for a long time, it becomes a habit and when you finally think about it, it’s already part of everything. This is what happened with Skype and this is happening with Sizmek. (Now we’re talking). People for ages kept ignoring Skype’s issues and now Skype with all it’s issues still rules when it comes to cross border communication. If you are in digital advertising or adops, you must’ve had heard about sizmek. For those of you who have worked with Sizmek tags – I feel you.

Sizmek has been in the industry for almost a decade. They acquired Peer39 way back in 2012 along with a bunch of other companies. Their main business revolves around how they measure campaigns for major companies and provide cutting edge analytics. Their client are happy or maybe it’s an overstatement considering there’s practically no one with that sort of product. Be it direct or programmatic, major agencies like groupm, dentsu and others use their tags to build audiences and see the value from their ad spend. However, the publisher end is not at all happy with what sizmek gives.

Their tags fail many time, urls do not redirect and the patchy support is the icing on the cake. Every once in a while, someone from sizmek will email asking to do some test so that they can calibrate their systems. However, I’ve found it useless as after the calibration, their tags fail to work. The discrepancy between clicks and impression is very high when sizmek tags are used. Inspite of all this, Sizmek is not slowing down. So what can we do about this?

Nothing! Unless someone build a solution like Sizmek and establishes their product in major agencies, sizmek with it’s wonderful business developement team will stay strong. For those seeking a solution to the problem, May the force be with you.

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