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Display advertising is the oldest form of advertising that the internet has seen. The power, scale & methodology of display advertising has changed multiple times in the past 20 years. Form image files to real time bidding, display advertising has seen what no other form of advertising has.

Most of the publishers find display advertising easy to do. However, optimizing display revenue has been of a challenge lately as budgets shift to other ad formats and competition increases. The user’s tendency to be ‘banner blind’ has also negatively impacted publishers. With AdOmega’s right mix of demand & technology, we have redefined display monetization and solve the publisher’s pain points.

Some of the big publishers that we work with utilize our display demand & technology to revitalize their display placements with fresh revenues.

Available Integrations:

  • Adapter & Wrapper
  • Javascript tag
  • Endpoint
  • PMP


We work with some of the largest publishers on the planet.

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